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Founded in: 1950

Founded by:Some local residents which includes the Late Naresh Samajpati, Mr. Bijoy Chatterjee, Late Pritish Sengupta, Late Sishir Chakraborty, Late Ashish Sengupta and Mr. Ranendra Biswas.

Address: 26/1, Simla Road, (Manicktala) Kolkata-700006

The puja was initially started near Paresh Nath Mandir, a community temple around the locality. Like most pujas, the theme and idols were traditional but as time went on, it somehow it failed to attract visitors. In the year 2004, some of the committee members realized that it was time to make the transition towards an approach that was currently popular among the masses – the concept of a theme puja. The rest, as they say is history, because lakhs of people throng the locality to see the pandal and deities every year.

Here are the themes of the past few years:

2004- ‘Basher Nirmito Surjo Mandir’- the pandal was constructed using bamboo, canvas and colours

2005- ‘Rupa Mati Ma’- aluminum foil was used to give a silver effect.

2006- ‘Utsav’- the festive atmosphere of Durga Puja itself was depicted

2007- ‘Sona Barir, Boro Ma’- Ma Durga was shown embracing her children

2008- ‘Choronamrita’- a type of holy water that is considered sacred among the Hindus

2009- ‘Mela’- a fair

2010- ‘Tandob’- Lord Shiva’s ‘Dance of Destruction’ was portrayed

2011- ‘Elem Natun Deshe’- the concept was based on Midnapore’s ‘Tepa Putul’ or tapped dolls.

2012- ‘Shonkhe Shonkhe Mangal Gao’- portrayal of the autumn season

Durga Puja Committee :Lalabagan Nabankur
Committee Members: 2012

President :Mr. Ranendralal Biswas

Working President :Sri Sanjib Pareyal

Vice President(s) :Sri Debabrata Ray

Vice President(s) :Sri Gopal Saha

Vice President(s) :Sri Madhu Yash

Vice President(s) :Sri Kalyan Sen

Vice President(s) :Sri Tarun Pal

Vice President(s) :Sri Mrinal Saha

Joint Secretary :Sri Samiran Bhattacharya

Joint Secretary :Sri Biswanath Chakraborty

Organizing Secretary :Sri Tapas Roy

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Debu Datta

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Bapi Chatterjee

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Rakesh Saha

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Sanjay Saha

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Suman Malakar

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Sajal Saha

Assistant Secretary: :Sri Samrat Majumdar

Puja makers of 2012

Theme :  Sri Anirban Das
Idol :  Sri Parimal Pal
Light:  Sri Tapas Ganguly (Light Director)
Theme Music :  -
Dhaki :  Sri Gopal

Cultural Activities:

We host an annual sports day and celebrations of Independence Day. Holi is a huge affair for us and we proudly indulge in the “Basanta Utsav” with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Social Activities:

We organize blood donation and free eye and health check-up camps and distribute books and woolens to the poor.


We want to sustain the spirit of brotherhood and love in the society via our work.


We wish to preserve the traditional flavor of the customary puja culture in spite of contemporary theme pandals.


They have their own ground.

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Lalabagan Nabankur2009
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